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"Did you know : You can earn Rewards for various activities on D1 Circles"


D1 Circles is a project from One Dentistry. We are aiming to create a unified experience as a platform for Career Expansion for Dentists with multitude of possibilities.

The Basic Structure of the Platform includes a

  • Community
  • Academy – Free and Paid Courses for Dentists
  • Listings – Free and Paid Listings like Jobs, Events and Classifieds
  • Store – Shopping section for Merchandises, Books and Products
  • Rewards – Showcases your Earnings
  • Guide – Helps you learn and earn on the Platform – That’s this Page !


Your User Profile is everything you are in the Community. It has many tabs that segregates all your activities within the Community. Check them out at your convenience as you explore more and more of the Platform.

Creds and Reps

CREDS are Credit Points that are received as rewards for Contributions to the Community like posting Articles/Vacancies or getting responses for your Content or Inviting Users to the Platform and many similar ways. CREDS can be redeemed in the Store section as discounts.

REPS are Reputation Points that are received as a goodwill gesture for being Active on the Platform like Daily Visits, Liking and Commenting posts by others, sharing thoughts in Groups etc. REPS can be used to earn RANKS to increase our reputation. Higher Ranks can unlock abilities like Group Admin Privileges and many more.

There are also Badges to achieve, Quests to explore and Leagues to attain.

You can review many ways to achieve them in the EARN section above. Also check out the Rewards section to see your status.


Recent Activity – displays all recent relevant activities in the Platform based on Users subscriptions. Users can Like and Comment on theses activities.

Groups – We recommend Users to join relevant Groups to get regular updates in the Recent Activity page. Users are encouraged to share relevant Content in the specific Groups according to the Group Topic.


This Magazine section hosts our Articles, Podcasts and Video posts. We have an AuthorHub section too for Users to submit their Articles on the Platform.


Our Academy section hosts various Courses from Tutors of our Community. This section also has Study Groups catered specifically for the Students.


Jobs, Events and Classifieds shared to Us are posted in this section. Users can post them directly also. We recommend the Featured Listings to help support our Platform continued Support and Development.


Books, Merchandises and Products are available here specially curated for the Dental Community. Your purchases of Merchandises will directly help the platform attain its future goals faster.



New Members!

Rising Star
1 Requirement
  • Reach 5000 Reps
Advanced Enthusiast
1 Requirement
  • Reach 10000 Reps
Community Expert
1 Requirement
  • Reach 20000 Reps
Quest Champion
1 Requirement
  • Reach 35000 Reps
Elite Trailblazer
1 Requirement
  • Reach 50000 Reps
Master Influencer
1 Requirement
  • Reach 75000 Reps
Legendary Maven
1 Requirement
  • Reach 100000 Reps
Supreme Ambassador
1 Requirement
  • Reach 125000 Reps
Grand Maestro
1 Requirement
  • Reach 150000 Reps

Badges to Earn

Universe Explorer

250 Reps
6 Steps
  • Visit the website 10 times
  • Join any 5 group
  • Write an activity post 1 time
  • Write a comment on an activity post 1 time
  • Like any activity posts 10 times
  • Daily visit any posts 5 times

Quests to Explore

Newbie’s Journey

500 Reps
6 Steps

Leagues to Reach

Starter League

100 Reps
3 Steps
  • Get 4 reaction an activity post
  • Earn 10 Creds
  • Spend 1 Cred